A Lot Of Travelling

Sunday, January 15

For the last eight days, my family and I have been on the road. Living in Australia, there’s always plenty of things to explore. In this post I’m going to outline some of my favorite places so far.


Accommodation wise, so far I have loved Beechworth. Located in Victoria, it is a small and old town. On every street there is small cobbled houses, stores and roads. The people are so kind, and there is a cute little bakery just down the street from where we stayed, which was the Carriage Motor Inn.

It had a cabin feel about it. The roof had slats hanging down with an old fashioned fan. The beds were comfy and had all the essentials included. A toaster, microwave, TV, Espresso Machine and fridge were all ready to go and you had the option to use a DVD player from Reception. And yes. Before you go asking, there was WiFi.

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The main reason my family went south is because we wanted to go to Sovereign Hill. Located in Bendigo, it tells the story about the gold diggers and the gold rush.

A quick backstory for the non Australians here

We stayed there for three days, two nights. While at Sovereign Hill, we did things like, mine tours, horse carriage rides, watch gold get made, get boiled candy, pan for gold and my most favorite, BLOOD ON THE SOUTHERN CROSS.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll just say, that Blood On The Southern Cross is about a battle. Lips closed.

One thing I really liked about Sovereign Hill, is the enthusiasm. Everyone who works there, wore typical attire for the time period. Women wore dresses and men wore old beaten up clothes. Policemen roamed the streets, arresting tourists and even people who worked there. I saw one policeman hit a gold panner over the head for not having a license. (Don’t worry they were staff members).

In the room we stayed in, it had a fridge, sink and bunk beds. Sadly no WiFi, as not to spoilt the experience I suppose.

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