Mystery Blogger Award


So like 5 years ago I got nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. I know. It was a long time ago, but I’m ignoring the little voice in the back of my head that wants me to read Fanfiction instead of writing a blog post so be happy guys. Thank you to defyinggravityme for nominating me! THANK YOU!  This award was created by Okoto

The rules:

1. Put the award logo/image in your post.

2. List all the rules

3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

4. Mention the creater of the award

5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

6. Nominate 10-20 people

7. Notify each one of your nominees by commenting on their blog

8. Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with a weird or funny question (specify)

9. Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours.

Three things about myself

  1. I have never worn makeup in my life
  2. I have been playing computer games since I was 2
  3. My friends think I have soft feet

My questions from Grace 

  1. What is your favourite song? 

I don’t necessarily have a favourite song, but I do enjoy anything Panic! At The Disco. Probably Hurricane or Ballad Of The Mona Lisa.

  1. Favourite food?


  1. Why did you start your blog?

Just for the lolz honestly. I saw Zoellas blog and was like, ‘You know what? I like her blog. Maybe I should start a blog.’ Then the little rebel side of me started talking and told me to make it so I did.

  1. Most embarrassing moment?

One time when I was 7 I went to go buy a Kit Kat and the lady at the register asked if I wanted a receipt. I had no idea what that was so I just stood there confused and looked around. Eventually she just gave it to me because people were lining up behind me.

  1. Favourite book?

Either Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire or Dan and Phil Go Outside.

I nominate:






(I was meant to nominate at least 10 people but I’m sorry I’m not that social okay? Maybe one day)

Questions for my nominees

  1. What country do you live in?
  2. Do you watch YouTube? If so, who? 
  3. Favourite blog? 
  4. Dogs or cats? 
  5. Favourite quote? 

And that’s it. I’m sorry that it’s been like two months since I was nominated. I’ve been ‘busy’ and when I do have spare time I’m probably on Instagram. Which reminds me, if I was to make an Insta account dedicated to this blog, would you guys be interested?

I’ll leave you with that thought and I’m out.



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