Just a Few Pixels

Friday, February 24th
It’s been three days since I moved into the new house. I’ve slowly been getting my room into place. So far I’ve put half my books into my bookcase, and stuffed all my clothes into my wardrobe. I’ve still got lots to do, as well as keep up with school, and that’s proving to be a little hard. To take my mind off of it, I’ve been taking photos. Just of my surroundings and it makes me happy that I’ve been able to capture that memory with just a few pixels.
So I thought, I might share a few with you. Here are my absolute favorites.
This is a clock that hung off the back wall at my old house. On my phone that I took this picture on, I can just what type of filter the photo will turn out to be. So I tried Black and White, and this just looks really good to me. If you look closely, in the reflection you can see the trees and the corner of the house.
While I was at my Grandma’s house, I was waiting for the computer to boot so I took a photo of the keyboard and changed the saturation and shadows. It looks quite cool to me.
This is also at my old house. My dad is a bushy so he cut a tree log to turn it into a campfire stool. I took this on the last day of staying in the old house. I just have a thing for half blur and half focus. I don’t know why. I just do.
The elderly people who used to live here LOVED plants. They left this behind. I kinda like this because it is like a metaphor for life. ‘It’s okay to be unique’.
These are the first things I unpacked. These Youtubers hold great value to me, as they are my inspiration. My heros. My leaders. Zoella aka Zoë has such an amazing way of writing her life in the eyes of just another teenager. Her Girl Online books are actually a huge part of me wanting to start a blog. Connor Franta is my aesthetic. He is an amazing YouTuber with an even more amazing clothing choices. Caspar Lee is my go to back up guy if all others fail. He never disappoints me when I want to be cheered up, and along with Joe I stop breathing from my laughing fits. And finally. My mothereffing all time heroes. Dan and Phil. They are my everything. If I hadn’t of discovered them I would not be this person I am today. I would probably be depressed. I would not know what placenta is, or Tumblr, or Fanfiction, or the amazing world of ships! I might actually write about them in a different post so I won’t say too much!
I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures that I’ve shared with you. They may not be the million dollar ones that I adore, but you wait. In a year they will be better than ever. Remind me to do that. I’ll forget.
How do you take your mind off of the world when you most need it? Does taking photos of your surroundings make you happy?

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