First Experience 

I hate not knowing. Can I just say? I’m part of the music ensemble at my high school and whenever we go to a concert I’ve never been to (I’m only grade 8) I get really stressed and anxious. The inevitable thoughts of not knowing about how anything is going to run is something I REALLY hate. 

So that’s why I got really anxious and scared when I had my first detention. This post will make me sound like a spoilt little brat who has perfect grades, but I promise I’m not. 

Basically, with packing up for the new house I TOTALLY forgot to do my Science homework. Now that’s a little bit of a problem for me because I am in the academic academy which basically means I get added knowledge and work on top of the base Science. Sorry to swear, but my teacher is an absolute bitch. She thinks that if she says it once we are all going to remember it. NAH BRAH! 

So when she asked for my homework I did a nervous shuffle and said I didn’t have it. She yelled and said I had to stay after school and ‘have a chat’. We did and she said I had a 15 minute detention the next day, but if I completed it, only 5. Guess what? I did it… And left it at home. *little round of applause for me*. 

She wasn’t very happy to say the least. So we had another ‘little chat’. This time about what I wrote on my ‘letter to her’. We were meant to say about what we found interesting about Science and the world around us. Well I had no interest in it WHATSOEVER and I prefer the world around us containing mysteries and wonder. Not all the science around us. 

She asked me if I had talked to my Year Level Coordinator about dropping out of the Science Academy, but I said no. “Well if you have no interest in learning about the Science of the universe, why are you here in the academy?” “Because my parents told me to.”

I don’t know how or why, but her mean face went and on came the understanding face. “Okay, well if you keep up with your homework and hand it in, you can fly under the radar.” She got up and walked off, leaving me to sit in silence. 

I was so confused at her sudden act of kindness. But that doesn’t mean I like her. I still hate the f outta her.  

I don’t know what this was. It was just a little random insight to my life.

Hey if you have any interesting detention stories I would love to hear them in the comments! 



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