Your Inspiration

Wednesday, January 11 

For all you Zoella fans, you will know that she has released the final book in her trilogy, Girl Online, Girl Online: Going Solo. The main character Penny, as well as facing other problems, also has to battle her photography for something ‘uniquely Penny’. 

Finding something uniquely you can vary from one week to twenty years or even more. As long as your passionate, and love what you do, you can get there. Hannah Hoffman, a Youtuber, specialising in digital art, said that she found her style by just copying other amazing drawers. Hannah would just change things she didn’t like. 

For anything you do, you need to find your style. Whether it be a blog, YouTube video, or even new glasses product. The maker has found their style and inspiration, and is willing sharing to share it with the world. 

Which is what I am doing. I have been keeping a diary, and based on some blogs and writing styles I really like, I have been keeping a diary based on them. I’ve found my inspiration and now I am willing to share my creation – this blog – with the world so that you can find your inspiration. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful day, and that soon, you can find your inspiration. 



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