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If you are reading this you probably wanted to get to know me a bit better so here are 10 Random facts.

#1) I have the same middle name as one of my best friends

#2) My friends think it’s creepy how I have double jointed fingers

#3) I have lived in 6 different houses and we are about to make it 7

#4) I have been playing computer games since I was 2

#5) I hated wearing sports shoes when I was 5; I would always wear leather shoes. 8 years later I hate wearing leather shoes and would prefer sports shoes any day

#6) I have had 5 different Instagram accounts

#7) My dad doesn’t like my friends

#8) Me and my bestest bestest bestest friend became friends over a storm at school whole playing Basketball

#9) I hate the ship ‘Danrific’ (Catrific and Danisnotonfire)

#10) AmazingPhil Aka Phil Lester shares his birthday with my uncle which is wierd because for 13 years I’ve been celebrating the birthday of a famous smol bean without even knowing

Well there are my 10 Random Facts. Perhaps you would like to go to my blog now?